Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rings again...

Good afternoon!!!
I hope everyone is doing great and that spring has performed its miracle and has brought hope & joy...
Today, I have two more rings to show you. I made these for a friend of mine to choose. She asked for specific colours and I was very happy when she picked the one I like the most!!!

It goes without saying that my kittens would make an appearance in today's post as well!! Micra is sunbathing on the balcony... Isn't she cute? 

Have a lovely and restful afternoon!!!



Annuk said...

BOTH rings are gorgeous, Maraki!!! No wonder your friend loved them! :)
We have Spring here too!!! YAY!!! And Zoe was sunbathing on the balcony today too!!!
Lots of love!

Annuk said...

From Zoe to Micra:
"You are SUPER cute, dear Micra! We Greek kitty girls always are, aren't we??? And we love sunbathing!
Lots of purrs to you!!!!!"

purpleleath said...

*Thank you so much, Annoula mou!!!
*My dear Zoe, Micra told me that she loved your comment and that she sends you lots of purrs, too!!!

Lots of love to both of you!!!!

Marie said...

I love you girls!!!!!!!!!

purpleleath said...

We love you, too, Marie!!!

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