Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A smile can go a long way...

Hello my dear friends!!! Are you wondering where Micra is?

I won't keep you in agony for much longer...

She is on top of the kitchen cupboards!!! How did she get there? Floor - kitchen counter - refrigerator - Destination!!! Are you smiling? Well, that's all I wanted!!! ;-)

 And here are the two sisters in sweet moments!!!

Time for jewelry, don't you think?

Last but not least, a sea shell from Chios  I dressed with wire and is now worn by a lady in Texas!!! Amazing, right? From Chios to Houston!!!
I will leave you with wishes for lots of smiles and happy moments!!!
Micra is sleeping inside a basin, having sweet dreams!!! How cute is that?

Lots of kisses,


Annuk said...

Your new creations are just gorgeous, Maraki!!!
And what can I say about your furry girls?? They are adorable!!!! Zoe likes jumping on top the kitchen cupboards too (she does the same: floor - kitchen counter - refrigerator - destination!)! I loved the photos of the sweet sisters too, and Micra in the basin is sooo cute!
Polla filakia!!!

purpleleath said...

Thank you my sweet Annoula!!!! Hehehe, if Micra & Zoe were together, there would be a lot of traffic on top of the kitxhen cupboards!!! hahaha

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